About Rob

Armed with a passion to explore the possibilities of science-based creativity and psychoacoustics, I have been awarded a Master’s Degree in Design Science (audio and acoustics) from the University of Sydney, and a PhD in Communication and Media Arts from the University of Newcastle (supervised by Assoc. Prof. Phillip McIntyre). 


My doctoral research investigated the use of hyper-compression in music production. This research was assisted by an APA (Australian Post-graduate Award) scholarship awarded in 2014.


I am also a regular attendee and contributing author to several conventions such as the Audio Engineering Society (AES) and the Art of Record Production.


I am qualified to lecture at university level in sound design, music production and acoustic communication, and also to conduct academic research in these areas.


I also possess over 25 years professional experience​ and consider myself a consummate professional and world-class audio engineer that is very capable across many disciplines.


I have played many varying roles in audio production and sound design including studio management and consultation, chief engineer at several premier studio facilities, freelance music producer, composer, radio producer, music programmer & mastering engineer.


As a music composer, my collaborations have been included in scores of advertising campaigns and films including big-budget Hollywood movies.

My latest business venture is a music and sound design company with long-time collaborator Melbourne composer Duane Morrison: sydneymix.com.au


Just read on... My entire professional and academic life is all within these pages! It's my on-line Curriculum Vitae. Enjoy.

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