Student Feedback


Robert, my tutor has been exceptional. He is excellent at what he does and has motivated me to achieve in this course.

As someone who hasn't had any experience with editing software etc (I'm doing Communication with Law and am hoping to pursue law when I graduate) I was so lucky to have Robert as my tutor. He has been extremely patient and supportive and his knowledge of both the editing software and theory is exceptional. I cannot speak highly enough of him as a tutor. I have also been very impressed with Simon's lectures. While I am not interested in pursuing this kind of work in the future, I have found the lectures and tutorials engaging and interesting which makes going to them a lot easier.


Highly engaging lecturers and tutor.


I wanted to succeed in this course, I enjoyed it immensely and they have definitely been very enjoyable lectures.


This course has taken me out of my comfort zone and taught me things I never thought I would learn.


i dont remember my tutors name but i was in the wednesday 1-3 class and he was really helpful and understanding especially when it came to the program which originates from the depth of hell, also known as "Pro Tools".


Robert Taylor made this course very interesting,

Robert Taylor made this course very fun,
Robert Taylor helped me improve my skills,

Robert Taylor did not tell me to write this.


Rob Taylor was an amazing tutor. Supported students well and was very humble in teaching tips and tricks.





My tutor Rob was awesome. He was always really enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the course content, as well as being willing to help us out throughout the whole semester.


Rob was an awesome tutorial professor. Creating videos is not something that comes easy or naturally to me. Rob helped a lot and encouraged us to keep working to be creative. I will encourage other students to take this course.


Rob's passion about sound design made learning about it a lot easier and more fun.


Super knowledgable and easily approachable tutor!


Rob's feedback is always constructive and to the point.


Rob was a great tutes teacher – was extremely helpful and made class enjoyable. Overall, I learned so much about Media and how to use Media software that will be especially helpful in my career.


Go Rob!


Robert Taylor was my teacher. He was extremely knowledgeable about all topics that we were learning. He was straightforward and very helpful. Rob was a great teacher to have for CMNS1230.


Rob is an amazing tutor. Lecturers were super interesting.

Robert Taylor was a great tutor to have for this course. Everything was clear on what we had to do and his teaching was great! Hope to see him throughout the campus! 10/10


Rob was an excellent tutor who was able to provide great advice and knowledge and was good humoured all round.


Rob is a fantastic tutor.


Rob seems great, wish I had him as a tutor rather than X who just seemed to spend his time bragging about the names he has worked with and didn't teach anything. 





Rob was the best. he gave complete creative freedom that allowed me to expand my horizons.


My teacher (Rob Taylor) was very experienced in the field and this reflected in his passion to teach the subject. By engaging and relating to real world examples, and to have learnt about his career was inspiring and made myself and the other students feel much more ardent about completing the tasks and learning the new software's.


This course (and particularly Robert Taylor), allowed me the freedom and facilitation to go above and beyond what I thought my skills were worth. I don't think I've ever had quite so much fun or been so engaged with a uni course before. Rob is one of the most encouraging tutors that I have had in years, and I think it is a damn shame that he won't be teaching at UoN anymore.


Rob was a fantastic tutor and completely facilitated learning in a way that made me want to turn up each week.


Teach quality was good. I was glad I had Rob as he allowed his classes to do what ever we wanted rather then just picking from a folder which as allows more creativity and the ability to get better makes also it was more fun being able to pick what we want to do.


Rob Taylor was a fantastic tutor. The passion he showed for the industry and creative process of editing was inspired me to put out my best work.


I had the best tutor in my whole time at this University, Rob Taylor just had a wealth of knowledge and it was a joy learning from him.


Both lecturers were very good at delivering content for the course. Well presented and engaging.


Well taught subject in both in lectures and tutorials.


I can honestly say this has been one of the most fun and (practical) educational class I've taken. Loved it and challenged me as I've never used video and audio editing software.


ROB!!! You are a legend. keep doing what you're doing!


Thanks to Simon for taking the initial lectures, and to Rob for teaching me the course. By having teachers experienced in the field of film, television media and the music media, i felt motivated to continue pursue a career in this industry.


Robert Taylor is one of the most inspiring and memorable tutors that I have had during my 3 years at UoN. This course has also been the most enjoyable course that I have undertaken to date. The encouragement from Rob and my peers will greatly motivate me going forward. Great course like i said, Rob was a fantastic teacher that made learning the course very enjoyable.


Rob was a really good teacher I enjoyed having him this semester for tutorials. He nice guy that made his classes fun. He gave us the ability to be more creative with our assessments compared to most of the other tutorial teachers as we didn't have to pick from a file to the two group assessments which then made this class and the assessments more enjoyable and not boring plus it gave our class variety in assessments which was good. Especially for the sound assessment it was easy to tell who spent a lot of time on their projects and who didn't. Only wish I could have him for another class as I thought he was really good but he said to our classes he is leaving.

Rob Taylor was a very good tutor. His no-nonsense approach prepared everyone for what was required to complete this course. He was always very encouraging to students creative visions and enabled an environment that allowed us to create works that we wanted to create.


Rob Taylor did an amazing job, best tutor I've had at this University, he was critical in assessing our successes and failures and always informed us of what would be needed to improve our work. If there is any teacher deserving of a medal it is him.


Both Rob Taylor and Simon Weaving were great lecturers and I appreciated having people with experience and authority teaching us.

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